Show off your business.

How to make your client understand why you're better than the competition?

Visualise your product.

Lamor Oil Spill Storage Bladder, a red 8 m oil spill storage bladder on white background

An animation video explains the basics and key concepts behind your product in just a few minutes. It's a lot easier to succeed in selling when your audience truly understands what your pitch is about.

Your product can be presented credibly and in the best possible light, even if it doesn't yet exist in reality. A high-quality 3D animation video reinforces your brand image and makes your product shine.

Visualise your competitive edge.

Show how your innovation, solution, business model or service works on a larger scale. Demonstrate it graphically, show how it benefits the end customer and convince your audience in just a few minutes.

3D animation makes reality exactly the way you want it.

Lamor Corporation: Towable Oil Bladder Systems

Casagrande Laboratory: Modular CLT Buildings

Establish understanding.

Without understanding there can be no sales. If your customer doesn't fully understand how your product works or the benefits it brings, they won't buy it. When in doubt, customers unfortunately often hesitate to ask.

Present your business the way it deserves.

Make an impression.

Whether the look is realistic or stylized, a well made animated video is eye-catching and reinforces your brand.

At its best, an animation video is an impressive experience and comparable to a movie trailer. It makes people understand, gives a sense of quality, makes an impression and creates a desire to hear more. It's a wonderful sales tool.

MariMils: Emergency and dynamic evacuation lighting

"Presentor's animations are a great way to explain things quickly and easily and succeed in sales."

Fred Larsen, Board Member, Lamor Corporation

Creating the animation video

There are many ways to make an animation video. Most of our work is based on the use of 3D animation, but animation videos can be combined with photographs, video, audio, animated drawings or cartoons and music. Videos can be narrated or subtitled.

Please allow four to eight weeks to finish from the first meeting. Good planning is half the battle.

1. Start

Let's plan together how to best execute your animation video. Price and schedule are agreed upon.

We will start working on the manuscript and preliminary sketches of the style.

2. Script

The script, idea sketches and a more detailed schedule are approved.

After this we can start creating the whole. We will start building the 3d world and animation work.

3. First draft

Approving a complete but possibly unfinished animation video.

Finally, we will finalise the animation video based on your comments.

4. Finish

The animation video is finished and ready to be used! Any other versions of the animation video? Can the 3d material produced in the project be used for other marketing purposes?

When creating the animation video, 3d models, graphics and illustrations can be cost-effectively rendered to be used in other applications such as presentations, illustrations and brochures. Different versions or edits of the animation video can be easily created for various purposes.

Download an animation video guide here

Creating a script for an animation video is easy once the sales message is crystal clear. However, if the sales angle is still a bit foggy, we'll be happy to help you out. We like to think that we're quite good at simplifying complex matters.

Here's a workshop-style animation video guide for your convenience. Its purpose is to make it easier to start planning your own animation video by fleshing out thoughts and ideas to a more concrete form. For example, what should be the main message and target audience for your animation video?

Please print this out on a large paper if possible (we recommend A3 or A2), and allow an hour or so in a peaceful environment. You can start planning on your own or in a small group.

Animation video workshop guide (pdf, in Finnish)
Animation video workshop (pdf, in English)

When your idea for an animation video is starting to take shape, please contact us and let's discuss on how to best make it happen. 

Animation video workshop (animaatiovideon työpaja) printed on two A2 pages both in English and in Finnish

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Animation production

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Graphic design