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Presentor Mobile

Presentor Mobile is a first generation sales and presentation tool.

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Sales Presentor

A sales presentation tool for your business

When you want to take your presentations to the next level, we offer you the Sales Presentor tool.

Sales Presentor gathers all the best sales and marketing material under a single app. The sales collateral is easy to find and use because of a well organised, customisable structure. All content is automatically updated and always up to date.

Share your sales presentations to agents, retailers and partners.

Sales Presentor is fully customisable to reflect your company brand - even the name.

Sales Presentor works on iOS, Android, Mac and PC, both on mobile and desktop.

Four devices on a reflective white background showing screenshots from LamorReel Sales Presentor presentations

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Teemu Talasmaa
Animation production, Sales Presentor

Liisa Torniainen
Graphic design, presentations