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Explaining things doesn't need to be tedious and boring. An animation will explain your business or product in a matter of minutes.





A good sales animation video explains the basics and key concepts behind your idea or product in just a few minutes. It's a lot easier to succeed in selling when your audience truly understands what your pitch is about.

"Presentor's animations are a great way to explain things quickly and easily and succeed in sales."

Fred Larsen, Board Member, Lamor Corporation

Show, don't tell.


Our sales presentation app will ensure that all your sales and marketing material is always with you and easily accessible on all platforms. Presentations, videos and pdfs are always up to date and easy to share to your agents, partners and clients. Make a better impression.

"We use the Bystronic Sales App by Presentor extensively and are very happy with it."

Michael Kron, Senior Vice President Market Division Northern Europe, 
Sales Director EMEA, Bystronic Group

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Teemu Talasmaa
Animation production

Liisa Torniainen
Graphic design