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We produce animation videos and presentations for sales and marketing.

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An animation video explains the basics and key concepts behind your product in just a few minutes. It's a lot easier to succeed in selling when your audience truly understands what your pitch is about.

Your product can be presented credibly and in the best possible light, even if it doesn't yet exist in reality. A high-quality 3d animation video reinforces your brand image and makes your product shine.

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Why 3d animation video?

An animation video explains matters in minutes. It's a lot easier to sell when your audience understands what your sales pitch is about.

1. Establish understanding

An animation video explains matters in minutes. It's a lot easier to sell when your audience understands what your sales pitch is about.

2. Alter reality

Whether your product is finished or just a sketch on a paper, it can be presented credibly and in the best possible light. Reality is made exactly the way you want it.

3. Convince your customers

Make the best impression and convince your customers.

Download a free animation video guide

Read more about animation videos and download a free copy of our animation video guide. The animation video workshop is a planning guide and exercise in pdf format. After laying down some basic info in a structured form, you should have a much clearer picture of what it takes and what's next!

Animation video guide

“Presentorin animaatiovideot ovat erinomainen tapa selittää asia nopeasti ja ymmärrettävästi ja saada kaupat kotiin.”

Fred Larsen, Board Member, Lamor Corporation

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Send us your presentation! We will make your presentations easy to understand and visually stunning.

We will harmonise the layout, simplify and clarify the message and illustrate it with high-quality images, drawings and graphs where necessary, and fix the layout and the typography. We carry out assignments reliably, on an hourly basis and with a fast response time.

If required, we can create an easy-to-use Powerpoint template for your company, design a graphic identity and implement the entire branding with all the graphic guidelines.

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You’ll never get a second chance to make the first impression.”

Göran Sundholm, Owner, MariGroup

Sales Presentor

A sales presentation tool for your business

When you want to take your presentations to the next level, we offer you the Sales Presentor tool.

Sales Presentor gathers all the best sales and marketing material under a single app. The sales collateral is easy to find and use because of a well organised, customisable structure. All content is automatically updated and always up to date.

Share your sales presentations to agents, retailers and partners.

Sales Presentor is fully customisable to reflect your company brand - even the name.

Sales Presentor works on iOS, Android, Mac and PC, both on mobile and desktop.

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“We use the Bystronic Sales App by Presentor extensively and are very happy with it.”

Michael Kron, Senior Vice President Market Division Northern Europe, 
Sales Director EMEA, Bystronic Group

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Teemu Talasmaa

Teemu Talasmaa
Animation production, Sales Presentor

Teemu vastaa animaatiovideotuotannoista kaikkien muiden projektien ohessa. Lisäksi hän vastaa huippuluokan esitystyökalujemme kehityksestä asiakkaidemme ja kumppaniemme kanssa. Hän uskoo olevansa erityisen hyvä monimutkaisten asioiden yksinkertaistamisessa ja visualisoimisessa.

Liisa Torniainen

Liisa Torniainen
Graphic design, presentations

Liisa on graafisen suunnittelun ammattilainen yli 20 vuoden kokemuksella. Hän on taitava ja tehokas, hallitsee graafisen alan projektit laidasta laitaan ja valvoo aikataulut ja tiimien vetämisen. Liisa pitää langat käsissään ja huolehtii, että asiat saadaan myös toteutetuiksi ja asiakkaat pidettyä tyytyväisinä.

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